If you are recently engaged, or if you love bridal beauty as much as I do- I am so happy you found me! I hope you will take a few moments to learn about what I believe makes me a stand-out artist in bridal beauty.



Ability doesn’t come with serving brides for 14 years, although I have. Ability comes from the moments in between- being sure that trial and error doesn’t happen on your wedding day. I am consistently practicing on models and mannequins, attempting intricate new braids from NYFW or new finishing techniques from Russia. I spend both time and money taking classes, online and hands-on, and I am making plans for more! The result of consistent practice is being able to serve my bridal clients the wedding looks they have been envisioning.



Experience IS the result of serving bridal babes for 14 years. I have worked with every major photographer, caterer, planner, and at every major venue in the CSRA. This gives me a great working knowledge of what to anticipate during a wedding, and how to time my services accordingly. My business practices reflect this experience, with bridal previews, contracts, and payment schedules that help eliminate wedding day stress.



Knowledge comes from a combination of both training and serving a great number of brides. My bridal makeup kit is a carefully curated collection of the best professional products for a typical Georgia wedding (hot and humid). I practice only the safest techniques, with clean brushes for every attendant and a sanitary work station. I am passionate about proper time management; not performing more than 8 services before I hire a second artist, so that our work never looks tired or rushed.



What is the ultimate result of an artist who 1) Loves her work, 2) Isn’t stressed because she’s seen just about everything before, and 3) isn’t rushed and arrives with absolutely everything she needs? Really great service. I’m relaxed, focused, and kind of really great to be around. We can talk or not talk. I can hand you tissues while you cry. I cover up all you think is yuckiness and enhance all your favorite things! It’s winning all around.

So what's the next step? Fill out my bridal intake form below to get started. I am booking well into 2020, so book soon to claim your date!